Gilllian: Your last book was DEATH by KEY WEST - a crime thriller; why this switch back to Non Fiction with your new book PAN AM: No Sex Please, We're Flight Attendants?

Jon:  I flew with Pan Am for many years and it was a very special time of my life.  All of us who flew with Pan Am still conjure up glorious memories, and I wanted to share some of my memories with those who still lust for more.  I also wanted to honour a few of my colleagues. 

Gillian:  What was the best part of working for the airlines?

Jon: How much time do you have? The camaraderie, the practical jokes, the far-off destinations, the layovers, the prestige of flying with an iconic airline, the uniforms, the pay.  I could go on…so I will: the life-long friends that we made, the opportunity to see cities and countries, many of which I didn't even know existed, I could go on…

Gillian: You delve into the history of the airline.  What is it about the history of Pan Am that really fascinated you?

Jon:  Simply said, Pan Am MADE history. Plus I love dissecting and discovering facts that were long forgotten.

Gillian:  "No Sex Please, We're Flight Attendants". Why the sub-title? 

Jon:  Well, you will have to read the book to discover that one…but suffice to say it is suitable reading for your mother or grandmother.

Gllian: What was it like being a male flight attendant back then?

Jon:  Obviously working around zillions of members of the opposite sex can be extremely appealing, but once we were in the thick of things, I didn't really think in terms of gender. I was more impressed with colleagues' language skills or people skills or their ability to work under stress. Honest!

Gillian: Would you become a flight attendant today?

Jon:  Probably not, unless we could magically resuscitate Pan Am and offer the long layovers, the onboard perks, the gifted pilots, and excise all the hubris regarding cutting corners and saving money.

Gillian:  What's next on your horizon?

Jon:  As my book on Pan Am takes flight and flies off into the sunset, I will start working on KEY WEST, Part III, where Gabrielle and I are back in quirky, bacchanal Key West, endeavouring to live on an extremely expensive, backwater island loaded with wackos…and make it all work.

Gillian:  I think I can speak for your readers, not just myself, when I say we are already looking forward to your next book.

Gillian catches up with author Jon Breakfield to talk about his latest book Pan AM: No Sex Please, We're Flight Attendants
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